Saturday, March 13, 2010


This blog was long overdue. With friends and family scattered all over the world, the idea was born right around the time our son, Joseph, entered this world. And look, only a year later...
and what a better date to start blogging than Joseph's First Haircut - such an important milestone. To me, it is even more of a milestone than him turning ONE just a month ago. The reason for that, I believe, is that turning ONE is not really tangible. It's a date, a party, a cake with a monkey on top. Cutting his hair for the first time is a lot more REAL. After all, some of the hair that was cut off (and carefully stashed away in a baggie) Joseph was born with. It carries the same sentiment as his hospital bracelet, and the remnants of his umbilical cord. It's a connection to the world where he slept cuddled up on my chest, and needed us more than he ever will in his entire life. Even though countless exciting adventures are waiting around the corner, this event was bitter-sweet, as I saw how my messy monkey

transformed into a handsome (almost) toddler with a click of a pair of scissors

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