Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Made With Love And Recycled Lumber

We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children.
native american proverb

Everywhere I look these days things seem to be getting greener. Not just because it's spring, and even here in high desert fresh leaves are emerging all around; it is mostly because everything and everyone from the old lady down the street to our mechanic, to our printer paper claims to be more environmentally friendly, organic, fuel efficient, with a lesser carbon footprint, and thus greener.
On one hand, this change in encouraging. Good planets are hard to find, and we better take goof care of this one. On the other hand, a troublesome trend is emerging - we are starting to believe that to save our planet, we have to buy the right kind of product. In reality of course, it boils down to using less, and reusing more.
On our quest to do so, we have been trying to use less of everything - water, electricity, gas, etc, etc. Some days are more successful than others, and more than once I've returned home from work to find a light leftover from the morning rush burning peacefully in the closet. But we try.
I've been wanting a learning tower for Joseph for a while. I've been dreaming of the day when I can make dinner without him attached to my ankles, screaming, or burying his head into my knees, and pulling down my pants. The above mentioned tower, however, has a 200.00 price tag attached to it; and somehow it occurred to us that maybe, just perhaps, we could build it on our own.
Joe scavenged some wood leftover from an exhibit at the museum where he works (well, worked). I simple sketch, a bunch of leftover nails from one of his other building projects and voila - we've got our own fabulous learning tower!

The most expensive part of the entire project was the paint, and even that was a little over 10.00. The entire project? just under 40.00. It feels so good to have saved 160.00, plus, some materials that would have ended up in trash.

And just think of all the love that went into putting it together!
What a beautiful addition to the interior of our kitchen, and to the peaceful existence of all members of our house.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Art of Enjoying Your Food

I cannot remember last time I actually enjoyed my food. I forgot what it's like to let your taste buds interpret the subtle textures, and slowly peel layers of flavor with your tongue.
Of course, inhaling a sandwich during lunch at work whilst simultaneously pumping food for your baby doesn't exactly spell out fine dining, and neither does dinner of day-old cold pizza leftovers.
Yesterday, however, I was gently reminded that eating like everything else you do in your life must be mindful, almost meditative experience, it should be a pleasure, not just a daily necessity.

and yes, ladies and gentlemen, that IS yogurt and his eyelashes

The culmination for this yogurt extravaganza was a slightly less pleasant experience of pulling a toddler out of yogurt-smothered and water-soaked clothes. Followed by a bath. And a good night's sleep. Fruit on the bottom, happiness on top, and that, of course, is what a perfect food experience is made of.