Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Art of Enjoying Your Food

I cannot remember last time I actually enjoyed my food. I forgot what it's like to let your taste buds interpret the subtle textures, and slowly peel layers of flavor with your tongue.
Of course, inhaling a sandwich during lunch at work whilst simultaneously pumping food for your baby doesn't exactly spell out fine dining, and neither does dinner of day-old cold pizza leftovers.
Yesterday, however, I was gently reminded that eating like everything else you do in your life must be mindful, almost meditative experience, it should be a pleasure, not just a daily necessity.

and yes, ladies and gentlemen, that IS yogurt and his eyelashes

The culmination for this yogurt extravaganza was a slightly less pleasant experience of pulling a toddler out of yogurt-smothered and water-soaked clothes. Followed by a bath. And a good night's sleep. Fruit on the bottom, happiness on top, and that, of course, is what a perfect food experience is made of.

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    I bet this yoghurt was tasty!
    Where are your pix covered in yoghurt, Anya?:))


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