Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Joseph Tree

There are trees called Joshua trees that grow around Arizona, and here in our little Maes land we have Joseph trees. We planted this one in our back yard last spring after Joseph was born, and recently it has started blooming for the first time.

It's spring time after all, and so everything is blooming including my sweet little monkey; he has been exploring the back yard with the intensity of an experienced globe trotter. With him, two hours spent outside equal four outfit and shoe changes. No, it is not a fashion statement; the amount of dirt this little person can accumulate on his little body is astounding, you'd think we have nothing left for the plants in our garden, and yet, every time we venture outside, he manages to find more.

His concentration in doing so is truly remarkable.

Until, of course, dirt gets into places.

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  1. Anechka!
    This is very-very sweet, and the way you portray everything with words is very vivid and interesting to read!


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