Sunday, April 11, 2010

Walking Boys and Wild Hogs

We saw this coming for weeks. He'd stand up and pluck up courage to make whole three steps from the couch to the coffee table, get overly excited and fall on his behind. He'd 'forget' that he can't walk and toddle over to get his favorite toy from the toy box. Oh, it has been fascinating to watch Joseph finally reach this glorious milestone.

It is unbelievable that in this short time he has evolved from a little helpless being that had no control whatsoever over his extremities, and got freaked out by the sight of his own hand passing by his face to an upright standing, proudly walking, and oh so independent precious little boy.

Thursday, April 10th, 2010 was a beautiful spring day, you could taste the cherry blossoms in the air, feel the warm licks of the sun on your face, and finally, finally (!) break out sunglasses and summer hats. We were leisurely lounging on the park lawn of the Albuquerque Zoo, somewhere in between the polar bear exhibit and elephant watering hole. And just like that, Joseph stood up and WALKED. Not just a few steps, he walked about a hundred feet, and then more. His excitement could only be surpassed by the joy that filled our hearts as we watched him head for the closest group of school children as if walking was an integral part of his life since birth.

What a wonderful day. Never mind that the sun hat was leased indefinitely to some wild hogs - I guess to our son they looked like they needed some sun protection; and that the pacifier found a new home in the cage of one of the jaguars. On such a day all is forgiven and forgotten.

Go, Joseph!

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