Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Is Here

Summer is here. Real Summer. Stop-signs-sweating, I-wish-clothing-was-optional, what-else-can-we-make-into-ice-cream kind of summer. And to be honest, summer is not my favorite season. Of course, by April I find myself wishing for the warmer days, but just several cases of 100 F, and I'm over it.
This summer, however, is different. Somehow unintentionally in between hunting for lizards and staying up till your eyes just won't stay open anymore, little boys make summers extra special. So, I'm looking forward to all the special things that little boys bring into one's life in summer. I'm looking forward to running around for no apparent reason and with no apparent aim (usually in circles);

to that tickling feeling of crisp summer grass on your bare feet;

to sprinkler fun;

to dressing up to go to every possible summer event and party;

to going for long summer walks holding hands with your loved ones;

to finding little gifts of summer in unexpected places;

and just having this general outlook on life.

I hope you enjoy your summer this year!

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