Monday, July 5, 2010

Morning Medley

As I rush through my house early in the morning getting ready for work, I have to suffer through absence of me in this picture.

Now, can you blame me from sneaking back almost every morning for "just 5 more minutes"? True, most days I don't get to eat breakfast at home, or make lunch, and my face has long forgotten what makeup is, but these are the moments I drink up and savor knowing how short-lived they are, knowing that just around the corner is the time when babies outgrow and "outneed" the cozy family bed.

(Joseph at 1 month)

As the dawn tiptoes across the house, I pause and marvel. Mornings are such a magical time of day, they are an unconquered land full of possibilities. The worries and concerns of the previous day have receded into the morning mist over the mountains, the day ahead holds endless possibilities.
Every day is a wonder, and even though most important milestones in a baby's life happen only once in a while, there are plenty of little ones that will make your heart melt away just as much as seeing them crawl, walk, and smear cereal across the dinner table. The little smiles, the chuckles, the first time they reach that top drawer that you didn't babyproof because 'oh well he is so small, it will be ages before he reaches it'; all those make my heart skip a bit about a thousand times a day. As I pause and snap a mental picture of this morning serenity, I wonder what the day ahead holds for us... I can't wait for the magic.

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  1. Beautifully written and what a great picture!
    Big Fat Mama


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